Back pain is familiar with many, and in most of the cases, this problem comes and goes. However, if the pain lasts for more than 3 months, it is called chronic back pain. This ailment can be extremely frustrating and alter the way you live your life. It is not just limited to a certain age; from children to adults, back pain can occur to anyone due to different causes like physical injuries, improper fitness routine, medical history, etc. If one is suffering from this at an early age, the pain growing with age is common.

Generally, back pain is of two types—lower back pain and upper back pain. While injuries with back muscles cause lower back pain, lumbar spine, spinal cord, discs between vertebrae, ligaments near the spine, pelvic and abdominal organs, the upper back arises due to issues like inflammation, aorta disorders, chest tumors, etc. 

In this article, our pain experts of Arizona take you through some of the most fundamental causes of chronic back pain and how to treat it. 

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Back is made of ligaments, muscles, bones, tendons, etc. and all of them function accordingly to support your body. If any of these structures are damaged or injured, back pain occurs. While most of the back pain cases revolve around the age factor, the following are some common causes of it.

Structural Problems

Arthritis, osteoporosis, and sciatica are some examples of medical conditions related to structural issues. They lead to severe pain in the back and affect your daily routine. Let us discuss these structural ailments one by one. 


This is caused due to porous and brittle bones. Such bones are prone to fractures and eventually, chronic back pain. 


This ailment narrows down the space between the spinal cord and injures hip joints, lower back muscles and other parts of the body. 

Injured Discs

The discs in our spine work as a cushion. If they are damaged, the nerves in the spine can be exposed to significant pain which leads to chronic pain.

Irregular Spine Curvatures

Abnormal curves in the spine are one of the biggest reasons for back pain. Scoliosis is one such ailment that occurs due to unusual spinal curves.

Back Strain

If any of the structure in your back experiences severe strain, back pain can arise. From muscles spasms to nerves and from ligaments to discs, these structures can be anything.

The strain is one of the most common back pain causes which can hit anyone due to heavy weight lifting, abrupt body movements, poor postures, etc.

Poor Postures

This issue is common with people who spend a lot of time working on a laptop, binge-watching, or gaming. Incorrect sitting posture fails to distribute the body weight properly and leads to back pain. Also, poor walking or sleeping postures are similarly dangerous in the long run. Daily activities like bending, pulling, pushing, stretching, driving must not be taken lightly for the same reason.

Other Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can be the result of several other medical ailments such as:

  • Injured shingles
  • Spine cancer
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Cauda equina syndrome
  • Inflammation
  • Infection

What Are The Treatments For Back Pain?

Most of the back pain issues can be cured by home remedies, physiotherapies, and basic exercises. But, a few cases may need medical treatments.

What Can Home Remedies Be Effective On Back Pain?

Applying ice packs or warm compress on the affected area can provide quick relief. Also, over the counter medication is a feasible option. Our pain experts of Arizona recommend basic exercises like stretching to lessen the pain and ease the stiffness. Physical activities are great significantly when your body muscles are weakening. 

What Are The Medical Treatments?

When home remedies fail to cure back pain, you must see the doctors as they will suggest some medical treatments. Several back pain conditions require both physical therapies and medical treatments. Medical experts commonly recommend prescription drugs like codeine and hydrocodone for such patients. 

Apart from these, several non-surgical treatments can also be considered. Let us take a look at them.

Non-Surgical Treatments For Back Pain


Prolonged back pain affects your productivity and eventually, financial life. This can be very isolating, stressful, and a gateway to depression. Medication is a proven method to keep yourself motivated in such cases. You can have a word with our medical experts to know more about how techniques like Yoga or Thai Chi can heal your pain.

Daily Workout

This the very first thing any medical expert would suggest to treat back pain. If you are up for this solution, make sure you are following the proper exercise routine with the support of a certified physical therapist. Every back pain condition needs different kinds of therapy, and not all the diseases can be cured by the same physiotherapy. The workout plan always depends on the cause of the pain and symptoms. 

Injection Treatments

Several injection-based treatments are available to treat chronic back pain. However, doctors suggest going for this option only when the cause of the problem is revealed. While this treatment reduced the pain quickly, it is not recommended as a long term remedy. Therefore, if you are looking for a permanent solution for your back pain, this is not for you.


Diet with sufficient amounts of minerals, trans fats, and refined sugars provide comfort to the back pain patients. This happens because such foods are anti-inflammatory that reduces the spreading of the pain. Have a word with your family doctor to understand if your current diet plan is worth it and if not, make the necessary changes to your diet.

Change In Lifestyle

Certain modifications to your daily routine can make a big difference in this case. Avoid lifting heavy materials and at least lift them properly to prevent strain. Your body tells if it is in pain, and it is your job to understand such signals and act accordingly. Quit smoking as it aggregates the pain.

Final Words

Many Americans experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. However, in very few cases, it becomes chronic. Even though normal back pain goes away with time, chronic back pain needs proper treatments and attention. It can be ruled out with the help of appropriate workout routine, physical therapies, diet and medications.