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Foot Pain Treatmentin Gilbert, AZ

Symptoms of Foot Pain

Pain in the foot may feel like a dull, throbbing ache or sharp, stinging sensation. Fractures, strains, and breaks in some parts of your foot are typically immediate, sharp shooting pain and often are accompanied by swelling or bruising. Some may experience numbness, tenderness, or swelling in their feet depending on the cause of foot pain. Foot pain may impair your ability to walk, run, exercise, and stand for long periods or eliminate your ability to complete your daily routine.

Foot Pain Treatment Options

Rest can help treat most types of foot pain, but treatment can vary depending on the cause of your foot pain.

Some other treatment options include:

  • Foot massage
  • Heat or ice therapy
  • Steroid injections
  • Prescription orthotics
  • Wart, corn, or bunion removal
  • Wearing foot brace or compression sleeve
  • Physical therapy, foot stretches, and functional mobility training
  • Medication: over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription pain relievers, or muscle relaxants
  • Surgery – This is typically your doctor’s absolute last resort for most types of foot pain.

There are several ways to prevent the development of some types of foot pain, such as:

  • Wearing the correct size shoes
  • Wear shoes with proper arch support and a cushioned sole
  • For those wearing high heels, wear shorter heels and limit the length of time you wear high heels.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight can help decrease the likelihood you develop some form of foot pain.
  • Proper foot hygiene such as regularly washing them, cutting your toenails, and applying foot cream or lotion as needed.

Types of Foot Pain

Foot pain is categorized by the location of your foot pain.

  • Heel pain: Many things can cause heel pain, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, heel fractures, stone bruises
  • Ball of foot pain: Ill-fitting shoes typically cause this type of foot pain, but metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, and sesamoiditis can cause pain in the ball of your foot.
  • Arch pain: Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of arch pain, but flat feet can contribute to arch pain.
  • Toe pain: Gout, bunions, fractured or broken toes, hammertoes, claw toes, turf toes, corns and calluses, and hallux rigidus can contribute to toe pain.
  • Pain on the outer edge of the foot: The outer edge of your foot contains the fifth metatarsal bone, which is the most commonly broken bone in the foot.
  • Ankle pain

One more fact...

Foot pain is four times more likely to affect women than men. High heels and unsupportive shoes typically worn by women are the main reason for this.

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