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Pain is an inevitable part of life.

What can you do if you’re experiencing chronic pain, though?

Well, rather than suffering in silence when pain endures for more than three months, it makes sense to seek treatment so chronic pain doesn’t end up controlling your life. When pain makes life unmanageable, it’s time to establish its source and pursue the appropriate treatment.

How can you best achieve this?

If you live in Goodyear, Arizona, finding a pain doctor isn’t the hard part. Finding an effective doctor can be challenging, though. Just try Googling the best pain doctor in Goodyear, AZ and you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

About Goodyear, AZ

Goodyear is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. With a population of just over 86,000, Goodyear is small enough to have a genuine sense of community, but large enough to provide everything you need.

Established just over a hundred years ago when the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. bought a parcel of land on which to cultivate cotton.

Booming throughout WWII after the construction of the Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Goodyear became a town in 1946, and the economy started to dip.

Today, Goodyear is once again thriving and poised for continued growth.

For all its benefits, you may find a smaller town like Goodyear doesn’t provide you with the pain specialist you need for the chronic pain blighting your life. Luckily, you could zip down I-10 W and be with the Pain Doctors of Arizona well within the hour. Even if a larger town like Gilbert isn’t somewhere you would like to live, why not take advantage of the volume of great pain doctors here when it’s so close to home?

Pain Experts of Arizona in Goodyear, AZ

You can find the Pain Doctors of Arizona office right here at 3370 South Mercy Road in Gilbert, AZ.

Anyone struggling with chronic pain and the adverse effects it brings first needs an accurate diagnosis.

The team at Pain Experts of Arizona, led by Dr. Ahdev Kuppusamy, MD, will establish the root cause of your pain. With this cleared up, you’ll then have all your treatment options outlined. From acupuncture, medial branch blocks, and epidural steroid injections to medication management, trigger point injections and stem cell therapy, the range of treatments on offer is unrivalled.

From here, the team will create a personalized treatment plan appropriate to your pain condition. At Pain Experts of Arizona, you can get help with chronic pain stemming from arthritis and cancer, to back injuries or car accidents. Find the full scope of treatable conditions just here.

With your treatment plan formulated, benefit from sleek offices, all the latest technology, and evidence-based methods for treating pain that are proven successful.

Our friendly team will work with you every step of the way. You’ll enjoy a full understanding of why any treatment is recommended. The more aware you become of the healing process, the more proactively you can attack the chronic pain clouding your life.

Dr. Kuppusamy is widely acknowledged as one of the leading pain specialists in Arizona. If you can’t get the help you need in Goodyear, AZ, get in touch with Pain Experts of Arizona to schedule a preliminary appointment.

The team has one goal: to eliminate your pain so you can return to doing the things you love unencumbered by persistent and nagging pain.

What can you do if you’re currently concerned about seeking any medical treatment with coronavirus still not yet eradicated?

seeking treatment in goodyear az

Seeking Treatment in Goodyear, AZ

At Pain Experts of Arizona, you’ll encounter a patient-focused practice with your health and safety uppermost.

The office remains open with the following safety procedures in place:

  • Daily employee screening
  • Improved patient screening
  • PPE for employees
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Social distancing

As a further protective measure, you can engage in telemedicine appointments with your physician.

Avoid seeking treatment in person if you’re experiencing any common symptoms associated with COVID-19 (cough, fever, sore throat, problems breathing). Reschedule any non-urgent appointment, and seek medical advice.

The Pain Experts of Arizona continues to monitor CDC guidance and manages the situation pertaining to coronavirus with a view to your safety above all else. We have made it possible for everybody to continue pursuing chronic pain treatment by whatever means necessary.

What comes next, then?

Schedule an Appointment with Pain Experts of Arizona

At Pain Experts of Arizona, the whole process of seeking treatment for your chronic pain is simplified.

You can save time by filling in patient forms in advance.

You can also fill in this online contact form to schedule an appointment.

Call Pain Experts of Arizona on 480-360-8440 and we’ll help you get to the root of your chronic pain in Goodyear, AZ.

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